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With this Data Protection Policy, Línea Directa Aseguradora S.A., Insurance and Reinsurance company (hereafter Línea Directa), registered in Tres Cantos (Madrid), Calle Isaac Newton 7, with tax ID. A-80871031, registered in the Mercantile Register of Madrid, volume 7,902, file 41, page M-127697, informs its customers and insured parties of the Privacy and Security Policy their personal data is subject to, so they may freely and voluntarily decide whether they wish to provide Línea Directa, owner of the files, with the personal data which may be required of them or that can be obtained through forms, insurance tariff calculators, emails or other electronic means, as well as those related to the agreement, those provided during its validity, and those generated as a result of using the website. The information provided may be completed with further personal information obtained legally or with consent from third parties records, such as: land registry, Traffic Authority records, claims records, solvency and credit records as well as external statistical data.

All personal data (belonging to the Policy Holder, the Insured or Beneficiary), including, where applicable, health details requested for the purpose of providing a quotation or taking out a Policy, or provided or generated subsequently during the validity of the Policy, shall be the responsibility of Línea Directa (and where necessary incorporated into their files) for the following purposes:

(i) pricing, the management of and information about the quotation, the taking out of the policy, maintenance, management and supervision of the Policy and compliance with Línea Directa’s legal obligations. (Consent required).

(ii) Statistical studies and models, scorings and quality surveys, fraud prevention in risk assessment and claims management, carrying out claims analysis, enquiries within shared industry files, enquiries within solvency records related to compliance or non-compliance or proclivity to non-compliance or complianceof monetary obligations, meaning that if the Policy Holder appears in one of the documents of this type, Línea Directa shall be able to decide not to enter into a contract with that person, without prejudicing their right to appeal against this decision if they deem it necessary. (Consent required)

(iii) the management and suitability of our commercial services for your particular profile, as well as the sending, by any means of communication (including electronic), in the cases mentioned above and after the end of the contractual relationship, of loyalty actions, promotional surveys and draws, as well as commercial offers of insurance products, financial services or others related to the automobile or house insurance business promoted by Línea Directa, businesses in the Línea Directa Group, businesses related to financial products and services, insurance and estate agencies and members of the Bankinter Group or others with whom a cooperation agreement has been reached, with the technical and commercial services of Línea Directa being the recipients of the data (Consent Optional)

While all personal data is provided voluntarily, it is sometimes required in order to be able to deal with your request or contractual relationship.

Data provided may be used for the purposes described by other Insurance or Reinsurance companies, third party collaborators or suppliers to Línea Directa who, for reasons of reinsurance, coinsurance or claims management, may intervene in Policy management and related claims, and may therefore be allowed access to shared insurance industry files when legally appropriate.

The Policy Holder shall notify Línea Directa of any change to the data provided in accordance with this clause. In the event of providing data for a third party, the insurers shall assume consent has been given and these clauses shall be understood to have been accepted by them.

The policy holder consents to the use of their data in the terms described and may change advertising preferences at any time or execute their rights to access, change, cancel or contest this data in the manner stated by current legislation, by writing to LÍNEA DIRECTA, in Tres Cantos, Madrid, Ronda de Europa 7, by emailing, or through the following online form.

Companies in the Línea Directa Group: Línea Directa Aseguradora S.A., Línea Directa Asistencia S.L.U., Motoclub LDA S.L.U., Centro Avanzado de Reparaciones S.L.U., Ámbar Medline S.L.U., Fundación Línea Directaand LDActivos S.L.U.

Detailed and up-to-date information on Bankinter Group companies can be found via the following link Under the "Corporate site" option, select the "Corporate Governance" tab and then the "Investees and Subsidiaries" section.


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We take the security of your transactions very seriously and as such have implemented one of the most powerful encryption systems available, with a view to protecting data shared with us. The system is safe, integrated and transparent. We want to inspire the confidence that you place in us when choosing us as your insurer.

In order to protect the communication and transfer of the data you provide on this website, it is automatically encrypted by Secure Socket Layer SSL 3 (RC4, 256 bits. A padlock at the bottom of the screen contains information about the encryption and data security.


In order to protect the communication and transfer of the data you provide on this website, it is automatically encrypted by Secure Socket Layer SSL 3 (RC4, 256 bits). A padlock at the bottom of the screen contains information about the encryption and data security.

Once the insurance agreement has been finalised online, and if already a Línea Directa customer, access codes will be sent to you by post. These access codes ensure your identification, and the integrity and confidentiality of the operations carried out.

When choosing passwords, please bear in mind:


Enquiries relating to health cannot be dealt with via chat and so customers should avoid entering such details using this means of communication. Any enquiries relating to health should be communicated by phone to your assigned agent who will advise you via a secure means.

LÍNEA DIRECTA takes no responsibility for medical details entered using this means of communication.

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