"Experience peace of mind wherever you are", is the concept behind Línea Directa's home insurance offer designed exclusively for expatriates.

Through a service offered entirely in English and with just one phone call, you can purchase a policy, make any type of enquiry, or process a claim.

Línea Directa's home insurance policy offers cover such as:

  • Damage caused by atmospheric phenomena

    This cover assures damages caused by:

    • Rain
    • Snow
    • Wind
    • Hail
  • Electrical damage

    Electronic devices and appliances for private use in the home, as well as permanent electrical installation of the building will be subject to cover.

  • Fire

    Combustion and scorching with flames capable of propagating from an object caused by an act of god, malicious intent of stranger, negligence of third parties, or on the part the insured or of any individuals for whom they are legally responsible, are covered.

  • Theft

    A theft is considered to be removal or misappropriation of insured items without using material force or violence, or intimidation or violence on persons.

    Línea Directa will insure as a First Loss any direct losses suffered by the insured as a result of the theft of insured items, perpetrated inside the home.

  • Damage caused by water

    Línea Directa will provide cover for the insured items to a limit of 100% of the insured sum of the Building and/or Contents, as applicable, for all material and direct damage caused by water.

  • Aesthetic damage

    This damage is only covered if buildings insurance is contracted in order to meet the cost of replacing the materials of the insured Building not directly affected by the loss event such as painting the walls, changing the tiles, etc.

  • Civil Liability

    Línea Directa will satisfy payment for any pecuniary indemnification which in compliance with the current legislation, the Insured is obliged to pay in the event of legal liability for third party damage.

  • Legal assistance

    Línea Directa will assume the legal defense against any claim brought by a prejudiced party, appointing lawyers and court attorneys to defend and represent the insured in any court proceedings brought against them, in connection with the legal liability covered by this Policy, even if such claims are groundless.

    If Línea Directa does not wish to file an appeal, it will duly inform the insured, who will be free to file an appeal on their own name and behalf. Línea Directa will reimburse any court costs, legal counsel and court attorney fees if the appeal is upheld.

  • Emergency locksmith

    If the Insured is unable to access the insured property due to any accidental event, such as loss, misplacement or theft of keys, or a broken lock due to attempted robbery or other reasons preventing the opening of the door, Línea Directa will not only bear the call out charges involved but also the locksmith's labor charges.

  • Pet assistance

    Línea Directa will cover the expenses of Veterinary treatment, death or loss of the animal if the event is caused by accident or by a third part.

  • Medical helpline

    This service will assist the insured in clarifying any medical questions regarding the interpretation of clinical tests, drugs, etc. Línea Directa's medical service will make its recommendations, in light of the data included in the service requested and, as appropriate, will redirect the Insured to the health professional considered appropriate, if necessary.

  • Second medical opinion

    In case the insured wants or needs a second medical opinion, the Insured will make a request by phone and will provide the initial medical report together with any tests already conducted which the Insurance Company will forward to a specialized and renowned medical Centre with which the Insured has reached an agreement to provide this service, in order to study, analyse and subsequently inform the Insured of the conclusions reached by the study. The insurance company guarantees the confidentiality of all information.

  • Home Assistance includes guarantees such us:

    • Emergency change of locks
    • TV and video
    • Home Computer Assistance
    • Hotel, restaurant, laundry service
    • Early return due to a serious event
    • Travel assistance. Early return due to death of a relative


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