A. Documents relating to the vehicle in Spain

I. Which documents do I need to take in the vehicle?

We suggest that you always take the following documents with you:

Policy payment receipt. Both the receipt from your bank and the receipt which you are sent if you pay directly with your credit/debit card are valid. Driving licence.

Vehicle registration certificate showing the identity of the owner and the chasis number of the vehicle. ITV Record (MOT) showing the technical information relating to the car, and certifying that the vehicle has passed the tests required. Placing the sticker on the windscreen on its own is not enough, even though it is also required. Road tax receipt.

Green Card: If you are travelling outside the European Community to one of the countries listed as requiring the card, you will need to take it with you, although you do not need to take it to drive in Spain.

II. If my driving licence is an EU one, is it valid in Spain? Does it make any difference whether I'm a resident or not?

Any EU licence is valid as long as it respects the age required for holding a licence in Spain until it expires. When it expires, if you are not a resident, you will have to renew it in your country of origin; if you are a resident, you will have to renew it in Spain in accordance with Spanish law. In this case, you will need to pass a medical test and all your information will be transferred to the Registro General de Conductores (General Drivers Register).You do not have to take any documents as proof that you have passed the medical tests ; a valid driving licence is sufficient.

III. Until what age can I have a driving licence in Spain?

For the most common type of licence, the B1, you will have to renew your licence every ten years until you are forty five years old, every five years until you reach seventy, and every two years from then on. Drivers over the age of seventy are not required to pay the fees relating to the renewal of their licences.


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