Comprehensive Car Insurance

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When looking for insurance, we don’t just consider getting the best safety guarantees for our car, but also obtaining maximum peace of mind.

Comprehensive Car Insurance from Línea Directa includes the most extensive coverage, further improving third-party insurance conditions and offering every safeguard for your satisfaction and safety.

Car fully comprehensive insurance

Línea Directa is with you in case of any mishap

Our comprehensive insurance product includes Compulsory Civil Liability, Voluntary Civil Liability, assistance to the driver and occupants, roadside assistance and legal defence. Furthermore, you can rest assured, because you will have full coverage against broken windows, theft, fire, explosion or lightning strike. And if you wish, you can purchase the extended Roadside Assistance, which includes the replacement vehicle.

We also offer you the possibility of purchasing fine management and, in case of total loss of your driver’s license due to losing points, Línea Directa will pay up to €500 of the cost of the driver’s awareness and re-education course.

Damage to own vehicle

So that you don’t have to worry about what happens to your car if you have an accident, comprehensive insurance takes care of any damage that may arise in a crash, both material damage and bodily injuries.

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