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Home insurance coverage

Purchasing home insurance with Línea Directa is the easiest way to live with peace of mind. Forget about theft, water, fire or any circumstance that may endanger your home, because with our insurance you don’t have to worry about any eventualities that may occur.

Own damage and theft

One of the biggest concerns for anyone is the possibility of our home being burgled. So, with this guarantee you are covered for the theft of insured property in the home, according to the limits of the policy purchased, as well as jewellery and valuables up to the limit agreed in the Special Conditions.

Fire damage

Fortunately, damage from fire, explosion or implosion and smoke is rare in homes. But if you are unlucky enough to suffer any of the above in your home, Línea Directa home insurance will cover it. Furthermore, this coverage also covers the costs of salvage, demolition and extinguishing.

Atmospheric phenomena

Weather phenomena are another dangerous factor for your home. And we have added this coverage to our insurance with you in mind.

This means it covers any material damage caused by the direct action of lightning; strong winds, provided that the speed is greater than 96 km/hour, or equal to or less than 120 km/hour; rain which exceeds 40 litres per square meter per hour; that caused by the accumulation of snow or its movement; and damage caused by floods due to burst pipes caused by breakage or faults.

Impacts, glass and cosmetic damage

When a third party causes any negative effect to our home, whether due to the use of vehicles or animals that impact against the insured property, Línea Directa will take care of any damage caused.

Furthermore, our home insurance will cover breakage to glass, fixed mirrors, china or fibreglass sanitary ware, fixed marble and granite bathroom countertops.

Civil liability

If you cause any damage to third parties, Línea Directa home insurance takes care of the payment of the compensation, as well as the court costs and others derived from these proceedings, provided that the insured is assisted by Línea Directa lawyers, and within the limits indicated in your policy.

With Línea Directa home insurance coverage, you will be covered under any circumstance, whether you are the owner of the home with the right of use, or if you are the owner of a rented home or the tenant, all of this according to the coverage you have purchased.