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Coverage and exclusive products

At Línea Directa, we do not restrict ourselves to providing you with traditional motorcycle insurance coverage, we also offer you novel and exclusive products for your motorcycle.

In addition to comprehensive insurance, third-party theft and fire and extended third-party insurance, we offer you the possibility of improving your policy with the night-time roadside assistance for motorcyclists or a replacement motorcycle.

Below, we explain what the night-time roadside assistance and replacement motorcycle service consists of so that you can ride your motorcycle as calmly and satisfactorily as possible:

Night-time roadside assistance

If you feel unwell at night, you won’t have to ride your motorcycle home, since at Línea Directa we look after taking you and your motorcycle home within the specified time and within a radius of 25 km from the pick-up point.

Replacement motorcycle

Have you suffered an accident that prevents you riding the motorcycle or has it been stolen? At Línea Directa we offer you a replacement motorcycle in both cases. If the rental company does not have a motorcycle available, you will be provided with a vehicle (maximum class C), since at Línea Directa we are very aware that there’s no reason you should have to cancel your activities due to a simple setback that is easy to solve.