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Technical Equipment

Investing in good equipment to ride a motorcycle is a smart decision since it means investing in safety. We know the financial cost is very high, and that's why at Línea Directa we help you to protect this material with specific coverage.

Technical Equipment

At Línea Directa we are aware that the acquisition of specific accessories by riders themselves means a major expense.

Riding with proper equipment is important, because in the event of an accident it minimizes the injuries that may occur in falling and/or slipping on the asphalt.

With the optional purchase of this coverage, regardless of the insurance type chosen, you will be protecting your helmet, gloves and jacket from the total loss or irreparable damage that may occur as a consequence of a traffic accident, in accordance with the limits set out in the general conditions.

Just as you worry about having coverage for damage that occurs on your motorcycle, insure the technical equipment you use on it.