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We know that not all motorcyclists have the same needs, so at Línea Directa we offer you several types of Motorcycle Insurance and the possibility of including services such as fine management or a replacement motorcycle.  Motorbike Coverages
  • Total travel assistance for the insured vehicle and people

    Línea Directa’s travel assistance service guarantees 24-hour roadside assistance to the insured vehicle and all people travelling in it, allowing you to continue your trip in case of a breakdown or accident.
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  • Replacement motorcycle

    With this voluntary coverage, in the event that the insured motorcycle is immobilized for more than 24 hours due to an accident, the insured party will be provided with a replacement motorcycle up to a maximum of 250cc. 
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  • Technical equipment

    Compensation is covered for total loss or irreparable damage to the motorcycle helmet, gloves or jacket after a traffic accident.
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  • Free recovery of points and licence

    In the event of total loss of licence points, Línea Directa will pay for the driver awareness and re-training course, as well as the fees for the insured party’s driver’s licence recovery test, up to a limit of €500.
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  • Legal defence and damage claims

    Línea Directa covers the legal defence expenses of the insured driver in the event of legal proceedings, as well as the claim for damages against the opposing insurance company. 
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  • Animals damage

    If you do not have comprehensive insurance, with this voluntary coverage you can protect your vehicle against damage caused by domestic or wild animals in the event of impact, collision or running over animals in the road.
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What you should know
At Línea Directa we are well aware that you don't have to stop everything just because of a simple mishap and that these are situations that require a quick response at the click of a button.

Discover all the digital services that we offer you, such as making claims or requesting a recovery truck through the Línea Directa App and website, and dealing with the formalities in a matter of seconds. 
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