What should you take into account when purchasing insurance for your house?

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Línea Directa has created insurance for houses specially designed for this type of building. Insurance consisting of a broad range of coverage, all designed to minimize your concerns. 

In addition to the Civil Liability coverage, we’ve tried to complement and improve it with other coverage such as legal defence and home assistance.

House Insurance

Furthermore, damage caused by theft, fire, water or broken glass, both for the building and the Contents, is also included in the coverage that Línea Directa wants to make available to you.

You have to know the actual value of the insured objects

When purchasing any insurance for a house, it is important that you make sure that the amounts you want to insure are the actual values of each item.

Even if there is a reduction in value over time, e.g. due to wear or, on the contrary, an increase in value, which may occur with the value of property, it is very important that you inform us of this in order to amend the policy and adapt it to the new conditions.

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