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Sales promotions

"Póliza Respira – Plug-in Hybrid and Electric Cars" Campaign

General conditions for eligibility under this promotion

  • This promotion is valid from 01/01/2020 to 31/12/2022 inclusive. The Insurer reserves the right to extend the validity period of the promotion.
  • Promotion applicable to anyone who purchases "Póliza Respira" comprehensive insurance for Plug-in Hybrid and Electric vehicles plus the Excess* for €249 (*€300 excess) during the validity period of the promotion.
  • Payment must be made by credit card for the promotion to be applicable.
  • The vehicle must be between 0 and 3 years old.
  • The price of €249 has been calculated by applying a promotional discount to the insurance premium and will only be valid for the first year.
  • The price of €249 includes the following coverage:
    • Coverage of the electric car battery in the event of an accident.
    • Travel Insurance, including a flat battery.
    • Theft of the integrated charging cable.
    • Free choice of garage.
    • Administrative and legal advice for Electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars.
    • And much more.
  • Valid for individual policyholders. Not applicable to companies or self-employed for vehicles used professionally.
  • Contracts are subject to the Company's insurance coverage rules and the present conditions of the promotion.

Balloon ride for two Prize Draw

Terms & conditions

1. Organising company:

LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A, Compañía de Seguros y Reaseguros, (hereinafter "LINEA DIRECTA"), with CIF (Company Tax Code) A80871031 and registered office in Tres Cantos (Madrid), C/ Isaac Newton 7.

2. Purpose:

LINEA DIRECTA is organizing a prize draw of a balloon ride for two people, open to anyone who takes out a LINEA DIRECTA brand car, motorcycle or home insurance policy and who meets the requirements set forth in these Terms and Conditions.

3. Communication:

Information about this Draw will mainly be sent through direct mail advertising.

4. Temporal scope:

The time period to participate in the Draw will be from 15 June 2022 to 31 August 2022 inclusive. Línea Directa Aseguradora reserves the right to extend the validity period of this promotion.

The Draw will be held from 31 August 2022, at the discretion of LINEA DIRECTA.

5. Territorial scope:

The Draw will be held in Spain and will be open to anyone who complies with the rest of the terms and conditions established herein and who is resident in Spain, except Ceuta and Melilla.

6. Procedure:

LINEA DIRECTA will raffle a balloon ride for two for all those who meet the following conditions:

Individuals who take out a new LINEA DIRECTA car, motorcycle and/or home insurance policy during the period for this Draw outlined in these Terms and Conditions.

LINEA DIRECTA will send information about the promotion to the addresses, which will include a participation Code for the draw. Interested parties should take out the policy by telephone and will provide this code to participate in the draw.

Once the deadline for participation has concluded, established in Clause 4 of this document, LINEA DIRECTA will carry out a draw among all the participants who meet the above requirements in order to select one (1) winner and two (2) reserves.

LINEA DIRECTA will contact the winner by telephone on the notification phone number in order to inform them of the prize and the means of obtaining it, as specified in Clause 8 of this document.

7. Participants:

Anyone of legal age with full capacity and legally resident in Spain, except Ceuta and Melilla, may participate in this Draw.

Participation is limited. Each person may only participate once, with each new policy taken out. If any multiple participation is detected, only one participation will be considered when holding the draw. Furthermore, the contestant will be disqualified if any anomalies are detected in the participation.

The following are not eligible to participate in this promotion:

  • Legal entities such as institutions, associations and companies.
  • Employees and/or spouses or domestic partners of employees at the company LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A., or companies in the LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A. group.
  • LINEA DIRECTA reserves the right to eliminate all participants who have taken out an insurance policy fraudulently, deceitfully, without the necessary consent or to the detriment of third parties, or who have manipulated or altered their participation in any way.

8. Prize:

This Prize Draw is for the purpose of giving away a balloon ride for two people, valued at FOUR HUNDRED EUROS (€400).

9. Prize notification:

Línea Directa will notify the winning person within five (5) days following the date the Draw has been made by telephone.

The right to claim the prize will expire seven (7) days after LINEA DIRECTA has contacted the winner by telephone.

In the event that it is not possible to contact the winner through the details they have provided or if they reject the prize, seven (7) days after the first notification, LINEA DIRECTA will proceed to notify the first reserve of the prize, with the same process explained for the winner being applicable before moving on to a second reserve.

In the event of not being able to contact any of the selected winners within the established time, the prize will be declared void.

Once the name of the winner is confirmed, it will be published on the LÍNEA DIRECTA website and may also be published on corporate social media, at the discretion of LÍNEA DIRECTA.

Under no circumstances may the prize contained in this Draw be exchanged, substituted for cash, altered, transferred or subject to compensation at the winner's request.

10. Acceptance of the terms and conditions:

Participation in this Draw implies that the participant fully and unreservedly understands and accepts these Terms and Conditions and the judgement of LINEA DIRECTA with respect to the resolution of any matter arising from this Draw.

LINEA DIRECTA reserves the right to change or extend these Terms and Conditions insofar as they do not harm or undermine the rights of participants.

11. Disqualification of participants:

Without prejudice to the causes for exclusion from the Draw provided for in these Terms and Conditions, LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A. reserves the right to unilaterally disqualify any participant at any time, or to withdraw the prize, in the event that irregularities or anomalies are detected in their participation. In this regard, LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A. reserves the right to check the identity of participants and to exclude them if irregularities are detected or if participants refuse to prove their identity.

Furthermore, LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A. will not accept any activities involving hacking or acts intended to manipulate the Draw to the detriment of the other participants. In the event that LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A. suspects that a participant has manipulated or attempted to fraudulently manipulate the Draw for their own benefit, it will automatically disqualify the participant by email notification, with no other requirement than to explain the reasons for the disqualification.

12. Data protection.

Data Controller: The personal data you provide will be processed by LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A, with CIF A 80871031 and registered office at Ronda de Europa N.º 7, 28760 Tres Cantos (Madrid). You may contact us by email at the following address privacidad@lineadirectaaseguradora.com.

Purpose: We will process your personal data for the purpose of carrying out this draw, notifying prize winners and formalizing the motor insurance.

Legitimacy: The lawful basis for the processing of personal data is the consent given by the interested parties when participating in the draw. The lawful basis for the formalisation of the motor insurance is contract execution.

Recipients: Your personal data will be processed by LINEA DIRECTA ASEGURADORA S.A., and will not be transferred to third parties unless legally required. No international transfers will be made.

Retention period: We will keep your personal data related to your participation in this draw for as long as the time limit for possible claims that may arise and, once this period is completed, the data will be deleted.

Rights: Remember that you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, deletion, as well as any other rights under the applicable Data Protection regulations, at the following email address: privacidad@lineadirectaaseguradora.com.

13. Intellectual property rights.

Participants in this Draw shall not be entitled to claim any type of payment or benefit from LINEA DIRECTA.

  • They assign all intellectual property rights to LINEA DIRECTA Aseguradora S.A., including any exploitation rights (except for the limits established for copyrights in R.D (Royal Decree) 1/1996 of 12 April which regulates the Intellectual Property Law) that may correspond to them regarding the contents submitted to this Draw, so that participation in the Draw implies the exclusive and unlimited transfer of these rights in terms of time and territory to LINEA DIRECTA.
  • They assign their image rights to LÍNEA DIRECTA, explicitly authorising the capture, reproduction and dissemination of images of themselves in accordance with the following:
  • LÍNEA DIRECTA may reproduce their name and image, if they are the winner or reserve, using all technical means and equipment currently known, particularly written, audiovisual and electronic means, including the Internet, and any that may be developed in the future, with the sole exception and limit of types of use that may violate the right to reputation, in the terms provided for in Organic Law 1/1982 of 5 May 1982 on Civil Protection of the Right to Honor, Personal and Family Intimacy and [One's] Own Image.
  • Image rights are assigned for the whole Spanish territory.
  • Image rights and permission are granted to LINEA DIRECTA for an indefinite period of time.
  • Image rights are transferred free of charge, so that LINEA DIRECTA will not be obliged to pay any amount in exchange for the transfer of image rights.

LINEA DIRECTA reserves the right to publish the name of the winner on LINEA DIRECTA's corporate social media, whether this is Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn.

14. Liabilities:

LINEA DIRECTA is not liable for the use made by the participant with respect to the prize obtained from this Draw, and accepts no liability for any damages of any kind that may be suffered by the Participants, the winner or third parties.

We do not accept any liability in force majeure events or fortuitous occurrences that could prevent the Draw from taking place or the full or partial enjoyment of the prize. In the event that this Draw cannot be held, either due to fraud detected, technical errors, or for any other reason not under the control of LINEA DIRECTA and affecting the normal conclusion of the Draw, LINEA DIRECTA reserves the right to cancel, modify or suspend it, including the website for participation.

15. Taxes:

Participants in this draw are informed that this in-kind prize is subject to a payment on account, according to applicable tax regulations. LINEA DIRECTA will be responsible for the corresponding payment on account of the prize awarded and will issue the appropriate certification to facilitate the participant's compliance with their tax obligations.

The completion of the winner's personal and tax details is necessary to receive the prize and is a mandatory obligation, so that the absence of any of these details will result in the loss of the right obtained.

16. Law and Jurisdiction:

These Terms and Conditions are governed by Spanish law. Insofar as permitted by law, the parties expressly waive any other jurisdiction that may apply, and agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Madrid Capital.

"Cash-back promotion"

*Terms & conditions*

Discount payment conditions for cash-back promotion.

*Cash-back discounts will be paid within 45 days from the policy contract date, providing policy payment has been received. This discount is only applicable during the first year of the policy.