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Car insurance coverage

A car can be a life-long dream, a simple tool or even the present you never gave yourself. Whatever your case, unforeseen events are the same for all drivers. Is it worth gambling?

No more "just in case": look at our coverages

At Línea Directa we give you the possibility of purchasing the coverages that are best suited to your needs, as our insurance plans are designed and planned to take full care of you and your family’s safety. Unfortunately frequent events such as vehicle theft and other more unlikely ones such as lightning strike are all covered.

In case of theft, Línea Directa will compensate you for the damage and/or loss of the vehicle as a result of its theft or attempted theft. We also guarantee compensation for fire, explosion or lightning strike, depending on the coverages you have purchased.

And the most important thing: YOU

Whenever you hit the road and get behind the wheel of a machine as powerful as a car, you have to have the peace of mind that, whatever happens, you have the backing of an insurer that answers for you. But this is of no use if it does not take care of the most important thing: you and your loved ones.

We think the same, that’s why we have developed an exclusive Línea Directa scheme: our Comprehensive Medical Treatment. This offers the best healthcare in centres of recognized prestige, without any waiting and in the hands of the best professionals. We also include psychological assistance coverage to the driver and any occupants of the vehicle.