Car Insurance with mechanical assistance coverage

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A service that you can include within the roadside assistance coverage, and which you can use by telephone with the technical and mechanical assistance of an expert 24-hours a day, 365 days a year. Mechanical assistance

Mechanical assistance

If a car dashboard warning light comes on, we help you to interpret it, and in the case of a breakdown, we will arrange a prior appointment at one of our partner garages. If it is necessary to carry out a diagnosis to identify the fault, we look after the cost.

Technical advice

From offering a mechanical repair quote at the partner garages or a second opinion about one supplied by the insured; even collecting and delivering the vehicle at the selected partner garage, if it is located at a maximum distance of 5 kilometres from the home address, are just some of the advantages of this service.

Comprehensive vehicle maintenance scheme

We manage the maintenance schedule recommended by the manufacturer of your car, informing you by email. In addition, after the repair has been completed, servicing of the 40 mechanical points listed in the conditions is included.

Take advantage and make the most of all the Car Insurance benefits that Línea Directa offers you.

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