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Driver’s license recovery course

Since 2006, when the points-based driver’s licensed first started operating, driver’s license holders have a starting balance of 12 points and 8 points in the case of new drivers. In addition, the balance of points can be increased up to a total of 15 points if no infractions are committed in a certain period of time.

Point-recovery course

However, you don’t just earn points. If you commit an infraction, you can also lose them.

What if I lose all my points?

If you have lost all the points on your license you must wait a minimum of 6 months, or 3 months if you are a professional driver, in order to recover your driver’s license. If you are a repeat offender, and it is not the first time you have lost all your points, the period of time you are disqualified will be increased to one year.

After the period of time disqualified, you must take the following steps to recover your driving license.

  • Partial recovery: you must complete and pass a 12-hour driver awareness and re-education course.
  • Total recovery: you must complete and pass a 24-hour driver awareness and re-education course. In both cases, a test must be passed at the Traffic Department to certify that the driver’s awareness and re-education course skills have been acquired.

How does Línea Directa help you?

In case of total loss of your points-based driver’s license, Línea Directa will pay up to €500 of the cost of the driver’s awareness and re-education course, as well as the test fees to recover the Driver’s license or permit.

This coverage also includes Fine management. A service where we will notify you of any traffic offences that you commit and we will appeal against the fine if necessary.