Car Insurance with fine management service

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Línea Directa offers you its fine management service. A service that will take care of keeping you informed of traffic penalties that have been published in the official state bulletins. Línea Directa will also take charge of appealing against your car and motorcycle fines if necessary.
Traffic fine management

Línea Directa wants its customers to be fully satisfied. The well-being of an insured customer involves advantageous contractual conditions and an attentive and efficient service. In order to resolve any problems in good time, we offer you a fine management service. Línea Directa will therefore keep you informed of any offences committed that are published in the official electronic state bulletins.

We also take care of appealing against your fines, both those that have been published in the official state bulletins and those that you send us. And in case of total loss of your points-based driver’s license, Línea Directa will pay up to €500 of the cost of the driver’s awareness and re-education course, as well as the test fees to recover the driver’s license or permit.

National Scope

If you are interested in benefiting from this service, the penalty must be imposed after the insurance takes effect. In addition, your vehicle must be insured in Spanish territory and comply with all compulsory licenses according to current legislation in Spain.

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