Car Insurance with legal assistance service

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Línea Directa offers you a team of more than 250 lawyers with proven experience, who will advise you by telephone in your legal consultations and in the drafting of documents. Legal assistance service

As a Línea Directa policyholder, you can make any legal queries that you have, by phone or email, related to situations included in the General Conditions of the policy.

You can have a specialist lawyer to advise you by telephone about any legal doubts and questions and any claims that may arise. You can thereby ask any questions related to housing, family, tax, any questions related to the car, administrative procedures, other daily life situations, etc.

And how do we do all this? A lawyer will answer your call or your email, giving you an immediate answer by telephone or email, and you can contact us as many times as you require. Those cases that require some research work, consultation of legal texts or additional advice will be answered within a maximum period of 24 hours.
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