What is Compulsory Civil Liability?

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Legally required coverage that every driver and owner of a registered car must have purchased as part of their insurance.


Compulsory Civil Liability means that in the event that you suffer a traffic accident, the fact that you have Compulsory Civil Liability insurance will cover compensation for possible bodily or material damage that you cause to third parties. Compulsory Civil Liability By purchasing your Car or Motorcycle Insurance, this coverage is legally required for all drivers of any motor vehicle. If you haven’t purchased it you could be sanctioned with fines of up to €3000 and you would have to foot all the expenses derived from the accident, both material damage and bodily injuries.

With some exclusions:

  • Damages caused to the driver of the vehicle that caused the accident.
  • Damages unrelated to driving.
  • Damages caused by a stolen vehicle.
  • Damages caused when the vehicle is driven under the influence of drugs or alcohol, without a driving license, with excess load or when the legal obligations related to the safety of the vehicle are breached.

Furthermore, the limits of Compulsory Civil Liability are also defined by law and have the following amounts:

  • Up to a maximum of 70 million euros in case of injuries to people.
  • Up to a maximum of 15 million euros in case of material damage to vehicles and property.


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