Car Insurance with roadside assistance coverage

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At Línea Directa we offer you every solution for your vehicle and the people that travel in it in the event of any incidents on your trips.

So we offer you a roadside assistance service, available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year on phone 919 171 171.

Roadside assistance With you when you need it most

Línea Directa has more than 20 years of experience in car insurance and customer service has continued to improve throughout this time. It’s never been so easy to request a breakdown service, with a single click on a computer or from the Línea Directa mobile App.

So, provided that you have purchased roadside assistance coverage, you can be sure that any vehicle insured with Línea Directa will have roadside assistance from kilometre 0, i.e. from the point where the immobilized vehicle is located.

  • In the event of a breakdown, we provide you with the necessary technical assistance to attempt an emergency repair in the same place where you are located, provided that it does not exceed 30 minutes.
  • If you suffer a puncture or immobilization of the vehicle due to lack of fuel, we will replace the affected tyre or supply you with the necessary fuel so you can continue, although you will have to bear the expense for this amount.
  • If finally you cannot continue with your trip and you are in Spain, we will take your car to the nearest official garage, or to the one of your choice as long as it is the same distance away or nearer.
    And if the problem takes place abroad, you don’t need to worry either, Línea Directa will take care of the towing costs to the nearest official dealer or garage, with a limit of 100 km.
  • In addition, if you are abroad we offer you the telephone number 00 800 12 123 80.


Roadside assistance for young people

At Línea Directa we know that younger drivers have special needs as insured customers. This is why, thanks to night-time assistance for drivers under 26 years of age, we agree to transfer both the driver and the vehicle to their home address, in case of alcohol consumption or the driver's indisposition, within a 25-km radius from the point of collection within the national territory. You can enjoy this service from Monday to Sunday 00:00 - 07:00.

The requirements to take advantage of this service are:

  • Be a driver under 26 years old.
  • Be named in the Línea Directa policy.
  • Purchase of roadside assistance coverage.
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