Car Insurance with animal damage coverage

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Suffering an accident after hitting an animal on the road while driving is more frequent than we think and even more so on rough roads or in the mountains.


In this case, who is responsible for covering the damage caused if you do not have comprehensive insurance?

Damage by animals

According to the new traffic regulations that came into effect in may 2015, responsibility in the event of impact, collision or running over animals on the road lies with the driver by default, making it practically impossible to claim against game preserves.

As a result of this change, Línea Directa offers all its insured customers, without comprehensive insurance, the possibility of purchasing this coverage for damage caused by animals, and thus insuring, in the event of an accident, against any damage that the insured vehicle may suffer as a result of an impact, collision or running over pets or wild animals in the road.

To use it, it is necessary to have a report from the competent authority, although it is not necessary for it to indicate the responsibility of the animal in the accident.

We want to offer you the most complete coverages, so that, regardless of the type of insurance you choose, any unforeseen event is covered.

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