Car Insurance with comprehensive medical treatment

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Comprehensive medical treatment is one of the most interesting features offered by Línea Directa. Through this new service, you, as the insured, can reduce inconvenient waiting times, which will result in faster medical treatment that you require after an accident.


This treatment is offered free of charge, both to you as a driver and to the legitimate occupants of your insured vehicle who are injured in a traffic accident, whether or not you are responsible for it.

Full medical traetment

In addition, Línea Directa offers you a complete assistance network so that the victims can receive full, personalized and comprehensive treatment.

With this type of medical treatment offered by Línea Directa, you have the chance to enjoy a series of advantages that will always be of benefit to you. These advantages are especially related to greater speed in the treatment of injuries and in rehabilitation, with the full, close-at-hand availability of professionals of the highest quality and leading medical centres in Spain.

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