Motorbike Insurance with fine management coverage

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The Línea Directa fine management service will be responsible for keeping you informed of traffic penalties that have been published in the official state bulletins. We will also take care of appealing against your car and motorcycle fines if necessary.

Sometimes we are not aware that we have been fined, and when we find out it is too late to benefit from the discounts for prompt payment. With this coverage, Línea Directa alerts you if you have been penalised, even before receiving a notification by mail. Motorbike insurance with traffic fine management For your peace of mind, this service includes the management of any incident related to your fines until all possibilities are exhausted.

To complete the service, we help you to recover your driver’s license points. Línea Directa will pay up to a €500 limit for the cost of the driver awareness and re-education course, as well as test fees for the recovery of the driving license or permit.
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