Motorbike Insurance with replacement vehicle coverage

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If as a result of an accident with your motorcycle, it can no longer be ridden, Línea Directa Motorcycle Insurance offers you the possibility of having a replacement vehicle so that you have a means of transport and your daily activities are affected as little as possible.


Regardless of your choice of the type of insurance, you have the possibility of purchasing the replacement vehicle coverage.

Replacement motorbike

With this coverage, in the event of theft or an accident that makes it impossible to ride the motorcycle and that takes more than 24 hours to be repaired, Línea Directa will provide you with the following:

  • A replacement motorcycle up to a maximum of 250cc.
  • If the above is not possible, we will offer you a replacement car from Group C as a maximum, or financial compensation per day, depending on the coverage conditions purchased.

How long will I have the vehicle for?

  • In case of total loss or theft, the maximum period to enjoy the replacement vehicle will be 15 days.
  • In the event of an accident that prevents the vehicle from running on its own and that requires more than 24 hours to repair, the maximum time will be 7 days.

In any of the cases described, the circumstances set forth in our General Conditions must be fulfilled, as well as their limits.

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