Motorbike Insurance with Voluntary Civil Liability (VCL)

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Voluntary Civil Liability complements Compulsory Civil Liability to ensure it covers those damages that exceed the maximum amount established by law, which must cover third-party expenses in an accident.

According to law, mere ownership of a motorcycle makes it compulsory to take out the insurance even when you barely travel with it or even if you keep it parked in the garage, since the risk of causing damages to third parties still exists. Voluntary liability for motorbike

With Compulsory Civil Liability coverage the amounts to be covered have a limit, both in damages to persons and in material damage to other vehicles.

To avoid unexpected surprises for your pocket, at Línea Directa, we have considered it essential to include Voluntary Civil Liability coverage in all our insurance types.

The compensation amounts are thereby extended to injured third parties, up to the limit agreed in the Special Conditions.

Regardless of the motorcycle you have and how often you use it, it is important that you have insurance that protects you and suits your needs, being able to complete it with the coverage that most interests you.

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