Coverage of damage due to atmospheric phenomena

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Protect your home by covering weather damage in the insurance.


The acquisition of a house is usually the main family investment, so it is worth giving it maximum protection in case of any unforeseen event, however remote it may seem, as is the case with weather damage.

Atmospheric damages

What does coverage for damage caused by atmospheric phenomena include?

Fire damagetheft, and water damage are some examples of the most common incidents in our home, but there are others, caused by atmospheric phenomena that we should not forget.

With our home insurance, material damage directly caused by any of the following weather phenomena will be covered, according to limits established in the policy (which will include the General Conditions and the Special Conditions):

  • Lightning strike: discharge of atmospheric electricity.
  • Hail: stones or intense hail.
  • Wind and rain: according to levels of speed and intensity.
  • Snow.
  • Floods.

It will always be necessary to demonstrate that the phenomenon in question has produced the damage, either through the competent official bodies or by providing other evidence.

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