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Home insurance

At Línea Directa we want to offer you flexible and economical home insurance. That’s why we have designed a policy with the best conditions and some very interesting coverage.

It is very important that you know the coverage you can purchase with Línea Directa home insurance:

  • Own damage caused by fire: covers material damage due to fire, explosion or implosion of appliances and smoke.
  • Material damage caused by atmospheric phenomena: such as lightning, wind, snow, hail, rain and floods.
  • Damage caused by water: water leaks, broken or faulty taps or stopcocks or failure to turn off taps.
  • Theft or attempted theft in your home, covering the theft of property, jewellery and other valuables, or damage to the home or insured furniture caused by such a loss.
  • Glass: coverage will include glass in windows and exterior or interior doors closing off movement in the house, fixed mirror glass, china or fibreglass sanitary ware, fixed marble and granite bathroom countertops. Glass in ceramic hobs and table-top glass will also be covered provided the furniture has been covered.
  • Impact of animals and vehicles or sonic waves.
  • In addition, we offer Civil Liability coverage, as well as cosmetic damage and extension of cover for an emergency.

Another very interesting aspect of Línea Directa home insurance is the legal defence service for damage claims, which will give you total peace of mind to face judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings, according to the general conditions and limits declared in the policy.

Finally, you have the option of taking out insurance with the home IT assistance coverage. Coverage that will allow you to have a qualified technical expert to help you solve the main technological problems likely to arise in your home.