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Technical Equipment

A good quality helmet and proper protective clothing are essential items for all motorbike riders. But technical equipment; helmet, jacket and gloves, can cost a lot of money. And if your motorcycle clothing gets damaged, in the event of an accident, they will need to be replaced before your next ride.

Technical equipment coverage

Equipment Cover

So it makes sense to protect your motorcycle clothing with a helmet and leathers insurance policy. Línea Directa offers an optional and complimentary service called Technical Equipment Coverage, which must be specifically purchased.

How it works

Línea Directa guarantees compensation for total loss or irreparable damage to the helmet, gloves and motorbike jacket of the insured rider. Compensation will be paid on a first loss basis and up to a maximum coverage limit of €430. This is divided as follows; motorbike helmet up to a maximum of €200, gloves €30 and jacket €200.

What is First Loss

Línea Directa assumes the payment of Technical Equipment up to the limit of the amount indicated in the Special Conditions, regardless of the total value of the item and without any proportional rule applying if that value is higher than that covered. Once the capital limit has been reached, and in order to guarantee the items are insured, the capital amount needs to be replaced, via the corresponding premium payment which is calculated according to the time left until the Policy expires.


The following are expressly excluded from this coverage: Cosmetic damage, wear from normal use, theft, acts of vandalism, and misappropriation.


If you think about how much you spend on your biking gear, this extra cover will reimburse you. You can add Technical Equipment Coverage to your main motorbike insurance policy.

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