This includes civil liability cover which is compulsory by law. All of Línea Directa's policies have this cover.

Example: You lose control of your car and are unlucky enough to hit another vehicle causing injuries to one of its passengers. We will process all the operations and make the payments required with respect to the material damage of the other vehicle and the personal injuries caused to the third parties involved in the accident. We will also provide you with legal representation if necessary. If, on the other hand, another vehicle crashes into your car causing damage, we will provide you with the required legal representation so that you can make a claim with the other driver's insurance company, both in or out of court, and we do not impose a limit on the amount required when the claim is made through our own network of lawyers.

Third party with windscreen

This includes the compulsory civil liability cover, as in basic Third Party, and, in addition, the repair or replacement of your vehicle's windscreens.

Example: You are driving behind a lorry and a small stone flies into the front windscreen and breaks it. You will have a service which allows you to repair or replace this windscreen at your disposal. Remember that the cost of replacing a windscreen can occasionally be higher than the total amount paid for a whole year's insurance!


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