Our fully comprehensive insurance includes:

All the extended third party cover with fire, theft and windscreens and, in addition, cover of damage to your own vehicle, which means that Línea Directa will take responsibility for the damage caused to your vehicle due to accident or loss, whether you are to blame for the accident or not, as established in the policy.

Fully comprehensive insurance can be purchased with or without excess. We remind you that purchasing insurance with excess makes the premium cheaper.

Example: I'm driving and the vehicle in front of me brakes suddenly and I crash into it. In this case, the repairs to your vehicle are covered. Another common example: I go to the supermarket and when I get back to my car it has been hit by another vehicle but I do not have any information about the other vehicle involved. In this case, the repairs to your vehicle will also be paid as part of the cover of damage to your own vehicle.


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