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Car insurance

One of the reasons why Línea Directa is the undisputed leader in the insurance industry in Spain is undoubtedly due to flexible products appropriate to customer needs regarding car or motorcycle insurance.

When taking out insurance for your vehicle, it is advisable to have good knowledge of the special features of each type of insurance. Only then can you be sure that it really fits your needs. At Línea Directa, there are three types of car insurance:

Third-party insurance

Covers physical injury and material damage caused by the driver of the vehicle to injured third parties, regardless of whether the driver at fault is the owner of the insured vehicle.

Extended third-party insurance

This insurance offers more coverage, extending insurance guarantees to third parties and covering windscreen repair, fire and theft, but not the damage to the insured vehicle or personal injuries to the policy holder.

Comprehensive insurance

This is undoubtedly the most complete car insurance. This type covers own damage, as well as bodily injuries and material damage caused to injured third parties. Optional coverage can also be purchased on a voluntary basis such as the Fine Management and Legal Assistance Service.