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Motorcycle insurance

Motorcycle insurance in Spain is compulsory, so at Línea Directa we want to help you choose the insurance that best suits your needs and those of your motorcycle.

At Línea Directa we have three insurance types for your motorcycle: comprehensive motorcycle insurance, third-party, fire and theft motorcycle insurance, and extended third-party motorcycle insurance.

Comprehensive with excess

Comprehensive motorcycle insurance is the insurance that provides maximum coverage. With this type, both your own motorcycle damage and third-party property damage is covered. This option also includes the excess to reduce the premium.

Third-party, fire and theft

This option represents a balanced solution if you are looking for a basic policy, but improved with certain coverage such as fire, theft and legal defence.

Extended third-party

Finally, Línea Directa's third-party motorcycle insurance offers you the basic policy that any rider is obliged to purchase, as well as other coverage such as legal defence and Voluntary Civil Liability.

Coverage designed for you

Taking into account the type of motorcycle you want to insure and the coverage that most interests you, you can purchase the insurance best suited to you and your vehicle. At Línea Directa we offer you the following coverage:

  • Compulsory Civil Liability
  • Voluntary Civil Liability
  • Insurance for riders
  • Full theft
  • Total fire
  • Damage to own vehicle
  • Legal defence and damage claims
  • Fine Management
  • Roadside assistance: Urban or Full Coverage
  • Legal assistance service