Benefits of Squatter Protection Insurance

  • Eviction management
  • Repair of damage to the home

Comprehensive protection, including legal advice and financial compensation. For 24€/year.

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Benefits of taking out Squatter Protection Insurance with Línea Directa

Illegal squatting of your permanent or second home is in most cases a real hardship for the owner. Squatting is one more concern for any homeowner:
  • Legal proceedings to obtain eviction.
  • The costs that may arise from these proceedings.
  • The damage caused.

Línea Directa, aware that this concern exists in society, has created Squatter Protection Insurance.

An insurance policy that for only 24€ a year will allow you to insure your main or second home and offers you all the necessary coverage to cover any legal proceedings that may arise from the squatting, as well as financial compensation.


Squatter Protection Insurance main coverage

Línea Directa's Squatter Protection Insurance consists of legal cover to help you throughout the process of eviction from your home, and financial compensation to help you with any costs that may arise during the squatting and when you recover your home.

Legal coverage:

Telephone legal advice.
Eviction management.
Civil Liability.
Financial compensation:
Repair of damage to the home.
Utility costs.
Alternative accommodation costs.
Loss of rent.
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