Squatter Protection Insurance Coverage 

  • Legal coverage
  • Financial compensation for the consequences of the squatting

Comprehensive protection, including legal advice and financial compensation. For 24€/year.

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Learn about the legal coverage and financial compensation we offer you 

At Línea Directa we want to be by your side even if your home is illegally squatted and to make the process as smooth as possible for you. This is why we have created a new insurance with coverage adapted to all the needs you may have during the process.

Legal coverage:

Eviction management 
We cover the claiming of your rights to recover the illegally squatted property. To do this, and prior to the commencement of legal proceedings, up to three extrajudicial attempts will be made to try to evict the squatters. 
Telephone legal advice 
We will advise you by telephone at all times through a lawyer about your rights during the illegal squatting. 
Civil Liability 
If any damage or injury is caused to a third party during the squatting, and the owner is found liable, you will be covered for both compensation and claims for damages.

Financial compensation

Repairing the damage to the home once it has been recovered
In the event that your home has been damaged due to squatting, Línea Directa covers the provision of the service or reimbursement to help you with the cost of repairs.
Alternative accommodation costs 
If you have had to use alternative accommodation, we will cover the costs incurred for up to six months. 
Cost of utilities 
We cover financial compensation for utility costs incurred during the squatting period. 
Eviction management fees
If it is necessary to evict the squatters, we will cover the locksmith's expenses derived from the opening of the insured property, as well as the cost of replacing the lock with one of similar characteristics.
Loss of rent 
If you were thinking of renting out your home, but it has been squatted, we cover financial compensation to offset those losses.  

What does Línea Directa's Squatter Protection Insurance cover me for?

Below you can see a clear summary of all that our Squatter Protection Insurance offers so that you can manage the recovery of your home.

You are fully covered from the moment the policy is taken out.
Importe límite Plazo máximo
Compensación por pago de suministros
800 €
6 meses
Compensación por gastos de alojamiento
300 €
6 meses
Compensación por pérdida de alquileres de la vivienda asegurada
800 €
6 meses
Compensación por gastos de habilitación
Sin límite económico o una indemnización de reembolso hasta el límite de 5.000 €
Responsabilidad Civil
7.500 €
Asesoramiento jurídico a distancia
Conflictos relacionados con la ocupación
Límite de 10.000 € por los "gastos cubiertos" indicados en el Condicionado General
Maximum amount Maximum time limit
Compensation for supply costs
6 months
Compensation for accommodation expenses
6 months
Compensation for loss of rent from the insured property
6 months
Compensation for furnishing expenses
No financial limit or compensation up to a limit of 5.000€
Civil Liability
Remote legal advice
Squatter-related conflicts
10.000€ limit for the "covered costs" indicated in the General Conditions
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