Financial compensation

  • Damage repair, accommodation costs, eviction and utility costs and loss of rent

Comprehensive protection, including legal advice and financial compensation. For 24€/year.

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Squatter Protection Insurance Financial Compensation

We know that illegal squatting can lead to unexpected expenses that accentuate the complicated situation you are experiencing. 

Línea Directa's Squatter Protection Insurance offers you the following financial compensation to make it easier.

Repairing the damage to the home once it has been recovered

In the event that your home has been squatted and has as a result been damaged, Línea Directa covers the provision of the service or reimbursement to help you with the cost of repairs.

With this compensation you will therefore be able to cover the following:

Changing the lock or cylinder on the main door of the property or locks if there is more than one main door.
The travel, labour and materials necessary to paint the ceilings and walls of the house, as well as the price of the paint.
Cleaning and/or removal of furniture, if necessary.
You will also be able to enjoy additional services provided by Línea Directa related to:
A technical service for household appliances

Alternative accommodation costs

If your main home has been illegally squatted and you have had to find alternative accommodation, we will cover the costs for up to six months.

Eviction management fees

If it is necessary to evict the squatters, we will cover the locksmith's expenses derived from the opening of the insured property, as well as the cost of replacing the lock with one of similar characteristics.

Cost of utilities

Even if your home has been squatted, you will still have to pay the utility bills: water, gas, electricity, etc. 

With our insurance, we cover financial compensation for expenses incurred during the squatting period. To do so, you will have to submit a document certifying the following: 

  1. That at least one month has passed since the squatting and that utility bills were payable during the time that the insured home was squatted.
  2. The start of eviction proceedings.
  3. The home was not rented out at the time of the squatting.

Loss of rent

If you were thinking of renting out your home, but it has been squatted and as a result you will not be able to receive the monthly rent, this cover provides financial compensation to offset these losses.

This compensation requires compliance with the following conditions:

  1. At least one month has passed since the squatting.
  2. Eviction proceedings must have been initiated.
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