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Technical equipment

A good quality helmet and proper protective clothing are essential items for all motorbike riders. But technical equipment; helmet, jacket and gloves, can cost a lot of money. And if your motorcycle clothing gets damaged, in the event of an accident, they will need to be replaced before your next ride.

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Water damage

You spend a great deal of time, effort and money in making your house your home. Our job is to make sure your home and its contents are suitably covered.

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GPS Geolocator service

GPS Geolocator is a brand new service exclusive to Línea Directa that allows breakdown recovery and roadside assistance services to pinpoint your location immediately, wherever you are on mainland Spain or the Canary Islands.

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Understanding how post-Brexit may affect you

As the UK enters a new era as it completes its separation from the EU, many expatriates living in Spain are concerned about how all of this will affect them today, tomorrow and in the long-term.

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Take note, for your safety. How to complete an accident report

At Línea Directa we hope you never have to fill in an accident report form, but if you do, here are some tips on how to complete it correctly:

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Spanish points-based licence system

The Spanish points system gives 8 points to drivers who have held a licence for less than 3 years and 12 points for drivers who have held it for over 3 years. If no traffic offences are committed after 3 years drivers receive an additional 3 points.

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