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Understanding how Brexit may affect you

As Britain and the EU negotiate Brexit, many expatriates living in Spain are concerned about how all of this will affect them today, tomorrow and in the long-term.

Brexit how it affects you

Your Legal Assistance cover/Our Legal Assistance service can answer your Brexit queries

Our Legal Assistance service offers advice and information, and can solve your doubts and quieries about Brexit by phone or email. If you are an existing customer and have Legal Assistance included in your policy, you can speak to our team on 919 180 022. If you don't have this cover and want to include it, call our hotline 902 352 325.

Need legal advice on other issues?

Legal Assistance cover can offer also expert advice on a wide range of everyday issues such as taxes, inheritances or family matters. Our English speaking team of legal experts will be pleased to help you on 919 180 022. Lines are open Monday to Friday from 8am until 8pm. Alternatively; you can email us to atencionjuridica@lineadirecta.es
We treat each enquiry in the strictest confidentiality and will give you an answer in around 24 hours.

Emergency Legal Assistance

If you need to contact us on a urgent legal matter, then please call our Emergency 24 hour Legal Assistance hotline on 919 180 020. Línea Directa is here to help you and is proud to provide sound legal advice for British expatriate customers in Spain.