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Understanding how post-Brexit may affect you

As the UK enters a new era as it completes its separation from the EU, many expatriates living in Spain are concerned about how all of this will affect them today, tomorrow and in the long-term. If you were legally resident in Spain before 1st January 2021, your rights will be protected under the Withdrawal Agreement.

Brexit how it affects you

The Withdrawal Agreement

If you are a UK national living in Spain before 1st January 2021, your rights to Spanish residency are covered provided you meet one of the following conditions:

  • You’re working or self-employed person in Spain where you live.
  • Studying and can show you have sufficient money to live on and have comprehensive sickness insurance.
  • Self-sufficient and can show you have enough money to live on and have comprehensive sickness insurance.
  • Already have the right of permanent residence.

If you meet one of the above criteria, your family members living with you before 1st January, are also covered.

Our Legal Assistance can answer post-Brexit queries

Our Legal Assistance service offers additional advice and information, and can answer any questions about post-Brexit by phone or email. If you are an existing customer and have Legal Assistance included in your policy, you can speak to our team on 917 002 006. If you would like to include it, call our hotline 917 002 006.

Driving an English car in Spain

If you have lived in Spain for at least 6 months, your UK driving license must be exchanged for a Spanish driving license before 30th June 2021. You need to book an appointment at your nearest DGT (Departamento General de Trafico) by calling 060 or via their website. You will need your NIE document to do this. If your license has not yet been verified, you will be allowed to drive in Spain for 6 months from 1st January 2021.

Emergency Legal Assistance

If you need to contact us on a urgent legal matter, then please call our Emergency 24 hour Legal Assistance hotline on 919 180 020. Línea Directa is here to help you and is proud to provide sound legal advice for British expatriate customers in Spain.

More Brexit news in the months to come.
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