Who we are

Who we are

Línea Directa is currently the leading company in Spain for direct sales of carmotorcyclehome and vehicle fleetinsurance. Our main objective is to offer the best products, adapted and intended exclusively for you and your needs and always with the best existing price on the market.

The key to our success rests on contact with our customers and our use of technology, innovation and direct methods of communication - telephone and internet. We also stand out for product specialization, business dynamism and our competitive prices.

In addition, at Línea Directa we are also governed by some basic operating principles that ensure the proper functioning of the company, such as: innovation, which drives us to improve every day in what we do; quality, which makes us always seek excellence in our products and services satisfying the needs of our customers and, of course, people, who we work for and on behalf of and without whom Línea Directa would not be such a talented organization.

Innovation, quality and people are our basic principles

We are the insurance company that has maintained the highest growth rate in the industry. We have more than 3 million customers who have already placed their trust in the more than two thousand employees that currently make up our workforce.

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