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Third-party, fire and theft

At Línea Directa we want you to enjoy your motorcycle, which is why we offer you an insurance type where, in the event that your motorcycle is stolen or is damaged by fire, you do not have to worry about anything.

Motorbike basic third party insurance

If you have purchased third-party, fire and theft motorcycle insurance, we will compensate you for the replacement cost during the first 12 months and with the market value from month 13 (included).

So, our third-party fire and theft motorcycle insurance includes the following coverage:

  • Compulsory Civil Liability, thereby protecting injured third parties.
  • Voluntary Civil Liability, which extends and complements Compulsory Civil Liability.
  • Theft, compensating you if your motorcycle is stolen.
  • Total fire, as a result of an explosion or lightning strike.
  • Legal defence and damage claims.

Furthermore, Línea Directa, thinking of you, your motorcycle and the needs of both, offers you the possibility of adding other coverage to your third-party, fire and theft insurance, such as roadside assistance, which includes night-time roadside assistance for motorcyclists or a replacement motorcycle.

In addition, if you want to be covered for any damage your vehicle may suffer as a result of an impact, collision or running over animals in the road, we offer you the option of purchasing coverage for Animal Damage.